Downing College Boat Club

I rowed for my college, and I still run and coach at the Segreants, the Alumni rowing club, as well as coaching at the school my children attended. 

It can be very difficult to learn to row on the Cam because it’s quite a narrow river, and there are always so many crews out and there’s so much congestion. But having raised £700,000, we’ve just built a new Rowing Tank training facility at the boat club, with lots of video cameras and expensive AV. This is an amazing new facility, one of only six in the UK, allowing people to train indoors. It’s a fixed boat, the size of a rowing eight, with 16m tanks on either side.

I’m also a member of Quintin Rowing Club at Chiswick. We’re getting a new lease on our club, so we’re probably going to redevelop the facilities down there. That’ll be my next project.